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The Lake Tahoe snowpack is 176% of normal, which is probably indicative of the Sierra as a whole.

The powerful winter storms have left the ski resorts with 12 – 25 foot bases.

They have kept me busy as well – I have been shoveling off and on since Thanksgiving.



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No kidding

The closest I come to the bone-chilling water in Lake Tahoe in the winter is when I cross-country ski on the beach.

How about kayaking across the lake when the water temperature in 34 degrees and the air temperature in well below freezing?

I’ll stick to the jacuzzi.

Apparently, a few people don’t let the frigid weather deter them.

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Maybe developers and property owners can get away with running roughshod over building codes in Los Angeles, but it is another story in the Lake Tahoe basin.

One man learned the hard way and faces a $120,000 fine.


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During my last two trips to Lake Tahoe, I have shoveled more snow and experienced more winter weather than in my twenty-five years on the mid-Atlantic coast.

I even cross-country skied from the house to the lake and back on the village streets – a round-trip distance of about two miles – and did not have to worry about cars.

The abundant snowfall is good news for the ski resorts….and us.

The latest report on the snow pack was that it was 150% of normal for this time of year.  After this current string of storms, it is expected to increase to 200% of normal.

If the trend continues, the state’s reservoirs will be filled to the brim after the spring runoff and healthy through the summer and fall.

But don’t expect a break from the DWP.

It never fails to amaze me how much better the roads in Tahoe and Northern Nevada are than here in LA despite the countless plowings they undergo four or five months of the year.  I did my usual traverse over Mulholland via Beverly Glen today – the Donner Party had an easier path.

The first of several storms to hit Tahoe

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Fall in the Sierra

Aspen grove south of Truckee, CA

Fall color is reaching its peak in the Sierra.  There is still time to enjoy the display.

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Clamming Up

Invasive species are a threat in any body of water.

A recent disturbing discovery of a single Asian carp beyond an electronic barrier protecting Lake Michigan from infestation raised alarms about the adverse environmental and economic effects the fish could cause.

Closer to home, another Asian aquatic species – clams – started to gain a small foothold on the south shore of Lake Tahoe back in 2002.

Recent tests have proven a low-tech approach can eliminate them – covering the beds with plastic barriers has proven successful in limited tests so far.  The clams need oxygen to survive; the plastic sheeting blocks it.

The experiment is being expanded this summer to a full acre.

Please read the article from the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza and be sure to watch the excellent underwater video of the divers rolling out the sheets and picking up a few handfuls of samples.

The video may take several seconds before it plays.

Side note: It reminds me of the scene from the Bond classic Thunderball when SPECTRE divers are covering up a downed aircraft carrying nuclear bombs off the Bahamas.  Apparently, the frame used to support the model is still visible, but encrusted with coral.

The only Bond girl I ever met played a key role in the movie.

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I attended a marathon Budget LA meeting today in Hollywood.  Look for my article later tonight.  For now, I am enjoying the weather and the Olympics.

Here’s what’s mostly on my mind, though:  Royal Gorge Nordic Center in the Donner Pass.

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